The 40 List

This is the 40 List. It’s a list I created over the past few months of activities and achievements I want to accomplish over the next year; a to-do-before-I-turn-40 list. Some of the items are simple (go fishing, make an apple pie, go to the dentist) and I’ve included those activities because they are easy but necessary for my mental and physical happiness. Other items are more complex and daunting (burpees, create a retirement plan, host a dinner) and they are important for challenging me and planning for the future. And finally, I have some fun, out-of-the-box, new and exciting items (motorcycle license, read a poem in public, nude photos) and they are on the list because they are both long-held dreams as well as take me to new places and experiences that I want to have and hold on to for many years. There is much more to explore with this list, and some adjustments to make since I realized I repeated some items. I don’t know if I’ll add or subtract or change, but this is a fun and thrilling place to start.

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