No Trails

No, I haven’t been hiking recently – not since my 3-day camping trip back in May. And I have no immediate plans for hiking.

The main reason: my Grannydaddy is dying. He’s lost about 60 or 70 pounds in the past two months and stopped eating completely 2 days ago. He sleeps most of the day, wakes up to smoke, and goes back to sleep after telling me he loves me. We are preparing for his imminent departure. For now, I stick close to home so that should my mom need me, I’m not hours away.

So, bear with me. I have a list of hikes I’d like to do before the end of the year. I realized I need/want to re-hike several (Water Rock Knob, High Shoals Falls, Stone Mountain Loop) so there will be some fun ones coming eventually. I have two camping trips on the calendar as well.

However, what good are adventures if they overshadow time with family? While I love being in the woods, on a mountain, or next to a lake, none of that even comes close to how important my mom and Grannydaddy and kids and boyfriend are. I can only enjoy my time away if I know that they are all okay first.

So whatever comes next all depends on the timing of life. I used to use hiking as an escape from my anxiety. Now my anxiety is gone, so my need to escape isn’t the driving force behind my wanderlust. It should be interesting to have a new perspective on the adventures.

In the meantime, I’m here in the wagon circle, as it should be.

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